Only in Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa does not only famous for beautiful landscape but also attracting tourists by its special foods that you only find in Sapa. EVIVA Tour Vietnam would like to provide you a “unique” list of foods in Sapa.

Sticky rice in bamboo tube

Sticky rice in bamboo tube in Sapa

It is one of favorite food of the minority in the North of Vietnam, which its main ingredient is rice and it is grilled in the bamboo tube. It will be taken off the hard cover of the bamboo tube but remaining the flavor of rice harmonizing with the…. Of bamboo. It is familiar in the daily life of the North Vietnamese minority and it becomes a favorite food of foreign tourists in Sapa.

7 colors sticky rice

7 colors sticky rice in Sapa

It is generated by Nung people in Muong Khuong, Lao Cai and it is eye-catching with the harmonize of color: pink, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, white. The rice is dyed by nature color of leaves, therefore, it tastes natural and the initial taste of rice is preserved. Nung people believe that 7 colors sticky rice is the luck in the New Year eve.


BBQ street food in Sapa

The weather in Sapa is cool which is suitable for BBQ party at night. You could easily find BBQ street food such as: pork meet, potatoes, eggs, beef, corn, etc. They sell grilled foods in every street in Sapa and it is one of the unique and beautiful culture of Vietnam.

Black chicken

Black chicken in Sapa

Black chicken is a special food of Mong people which its skin, meet and bones are in black. Its taste is sweet and beautiful. As many researches, black chicken is good for cardiovascular system. The most special food made from black chicken is grill chicken with honey. It will wake up your taste, especially served with mint leaves and lemon leaves.


Salmon in Sapa

Sapa is the only country in Vietnam can feed salmon and salmon are listed as “must-try” dish in Sapa. You might be regret if you miss the salmon hot pot in Sapa cold weather with your partners or your family.


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